The event was also an occasion to present our new CBD oil for domestic animals in 30 ml format.


In recent times the topic of CBD and animals has been the focus of the work done by the Enecta team. We did not only worked on a new product, the supplementary feed CBD Oil for Pets in the 30 ml version (more suited to the needs of larger animals), but we also participated in an important occasion of training of the veterinary community in Italy: the XVIII national Congress of the Italian Union of Veterinary Society, held at the Mi.Co. in Milan from February 15 to 17.

A congress structured between the plenary hall and 8 collateral halls dedicated to a Workshop and a Master Class, focused on the presentation of avant-garde methodologies. Cardiology, Cytology, 360° Imaging Diagnostics, Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesia, Oncology and Surgical Oncology, Orthopaedics, Urology, presented by Italian and international opinion leaders with face-to-face lectures, clinical cases and practical trials.

In this framework, Enecta sponsored the Master Class in Oncology, during which Vincenzo Rondelli, DVM, PhD, Responsible of the Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy of the Veterinary Institute of Novara, spoke about "The use of cannabinoids in veterinary medicine and future prospects on their application".

Huge interest from the veterinary community in the use of CBD in veterinarian medicine: at the Enecta stand about hundred veterinarians were informed about the characteristics of the product. For an in-depth study on the molecule, an information brochure was handed out with all the references to scientific literature on the subject.

A very useful occasion of meeting, to mutually explore the areas of application of Cannabidiol in the treatment of small animals. From the dialogue with the professionals, four essential fields emerged in which the prospects of CBD use are significant: treatment of pain in arthrosis, palliative treatments for the oncologic patient, epilepsy and behavioural therapy, in case of animals with disorders caused by stress - like a trauma or a hospitalisation.

The interest in the application of cannabis and cannabinoids in the treatment of animals is increasing by the day. In-depth information about the different cannabinoids is however increasingly necessary, in order to avoid that cases are treated with medical cannabis while it would give higher benefits to use just Cannabidiol. THC, in fact, generates substantial side effects in animals.

In the past few years many were the individuals, who, after having consulted their own veterinarian, decided to administer CBD to their own dog or their own cat.

It is for this reason that Enecta developed two ad hoc products, with a bite-proof dropper in plastic and with a formulation in olive oil with Cannabis extract, Omega 3, Vitamin E. Olive oil to meet with the taste of small animals, Cannabis extract with 5% CBD corresponding to the percentage present in the raw material, Omega-3 fatty acids, specific for animals to maintain their fur shiny, their skin healthy, their cardiovascular system in good health, and Vitamin E to protect the cell membranes against the attack of free radicals and to strengthen the immune system.

The quality of the product is guaranteed by the Enecta Standards; extraction of Cannabis cultivated on certified lands and without the use of pesticides, according to the Guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP).