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#It's going to be all right COVID19

During the terrible days of the Coronavirus epidemic, Enecta launched a campaign aimed at financially supporting the invaluable work carried out by Italian doctors, researchers and healthcare personnel in the treatment of patients affected by the virus. Donating 50% of the proceeds from the sale of two products (Premium Hemp Extract 3% 3000mg and Premium Hemp Extract 10% 3000mg) with the addition of a contribution of 5000 euros, to the Sant Orsola Hospital in Bologna, which was at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic.

Description St. Ursula and campaign results


The initiative, sponsored by Enecta, was born in Bologna in 2018, with the motto "well-being is priceless". The aim is to offer training for physical well-being, with qualified teachers, in public places accessible to all for free. From 2019 the initiative has been extended to the cities of Naples and Barcelona. The Free Fitness 'family' also promotes social activities, such as the collection of used clothes for the less well-off, the distribution of meals to the homeless, and the 'smile tour' in the paediatrics and chemotherapy wards of the Rizzoli Hospital in the city of Bologna. During the forced confinement due to the COVID19 epidemic, FreeFitness launched the campaign "#iorestoacasa ma mi alleneno", offering live live courses on facebook free of charge to promote health and exercise at home.


Matias was born in Puembo a small town 40 minutes from Quito capital of Ecuador, he is 10 years old and comes from an indigenous family with 7 brothers, 3 sisters and 3 brothers. The Matias family comes from an extremely deprived social and economic background. Thanks to the support of SPOT, an indoor skate and bike park (link:, Matias started training with skateboarding, showing incredible talent. In 2018, Enecta began working with SPOT, financing the nutritional support of the child and his family through the provision of adequate food and nutrition, such as fruit, yoghurt, bread, meat. The project has an educational purpose. Access to the skatepark is conditional on success in school, and attendance at an English language course (provided by SPOT). In 2020, Matias will start a professional training course, aimed at allowing him to participate in competitive skateboarding competitions, at national and international level.

The Enecta Bike Tour

Since 2018, the Enecta Bike Tour has been held every year, a two-day, 170 km cycle race in the heart of the Abruzzo National Park. Organized by Enecta with the support of the Municipality of Castelvecchio Subequo. A series of events are organized around the sports event, in order to promote the territory of the Subequana Valley and the cannabis economy. This initiative has the twofold objective of promoting sustainable tourism in marginalized areas, as well as raising awareness about cannabis in areas where the level of information on the subject is less present. The 2019 edition saw the participation of about 50 people, also from abroad, in particular Austria, Holland, Slovenia, Russia and India.

From a selected and selected seed to a convenient, safe and effective product.

At Enecta, as one of the first to produce and distribute CBD extracts in Europe, we know how difficult it is to guarantee the highest quality at an affordable price for everyone. It is an effort that requires an integrated organisation that is able to manage the entire production process while ensuring efficiency in the raw material, the extraction process and quality control at every stage.


If you have projects, ideas, want to share experiences, or give us suggestions on how to improve our impact on patients, communities, and the environment, contact us!

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