Right to Health

Health is a fundamental human right, enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights".

Ensuring access to quality essential health care services and safe, effective, quality and affordable
access to essential medicines for all.

(Sustainable Development Goal 3).

The World Health Organization (WHO), as of 2017, has classified CBD as a non-narcotic substance, suitable for medical use. Several clinical studies have shown that CBD is an effective treatment of, for example, epilepsy and other medical conditions.

Despite the increasing attention of health services to cannabinoid-based therapies, CBD is now available on the market at extremely high prices, limiting the possibilities (and the right) of access to therapies, especially for less well-off citizens.

For this reason Enecta has decided to invest in research and innovation in the cultivation (starting with the seed) and processing of cannabis, in order to create a production model able to provide the market with quality products at low cost, accessible to all..

Enecta has also initiated a series of projects with research centres/hospitals, and associations of doctors and pharmacists, aimed in particular at studying and introducing innovations in the production and use of cannabinoid-containing products in the medical field, as well as promoting the dissemination and scientific comparison of cannabis for medical use and its proper use by patients.

Among the various collaborations an important result was achieved by the team of researchers led by Prof. Pasquale Striano of the University of Genoa.
The researchers conducted a study, recently published in the journal 'Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research', on the efficacy of 24% CBD oil from Cannabis Sativa produced by Enecta for patients with different types of drug-resistant epilepsy.
The results of the study on the efficacy of this product are promising and encouraging: 73% of patients reduced their seizure frequency by 50%, and 19% of them were totally seizure-free.
There were also no side effects and the oil was well tolerated by patients. This study further reinforces the many testimonials collected over the last few years from consumers on the effectiveness of our product by doctors and patients. Among the many, the case of a
little girl from Agrigento suffering from a serious and rare disease, drug-resistant neonatal epileptic encephalopathy. The doctors who treat the child have found a clear decrease in seizures
epileptic, thanks to the use of Enecta oil.

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Study published in the journal 'Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research' on the efficacy of 24% CBD oil from Cannabis Sativa produced by Enecta.


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